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About us

The company specializes in the production of heaters for the home and industry. It was founded in 1991 and is the successor to the production of tubular electric heating elements of “Elprom Varna” (Perla). We have a new production base located in the village of Topoli, Varna municipality. Electrotherm Varna Ltd. works with technologies for the production of tubular heating elements of the companies: “Kantal” (now “Sandvik”) Sweden and “Oakley” USA. The company has experience in the field of production of tubular heating elements for more than 30 years.

We produce different types of tubular electric heaters: φ 6.5 mm; φ 8 mm and φ 9.5 mm, maximum length 5 m. operating in different environments, with different configurations, designed for:
1. appliances (household electrical appliances), such as: boilers (standard and continuous), washing machines and dishwashers, radiators (water, oil and dry), cooking stoves, grills, grills and others.
2. industrial installations, such as: ovens, sterilizers, dryers, heaters, boilers, steam generators, ventilation, air conditioners, milk processing installations, powder painting machines, ovens for bakeries and confectionery workshops, heaters for ship installations, professional dishwashers, washing machines, fryers, coffee machines, saunas and others.

We can produce tubular electric heaters according to your sample, for which you need to contact Us and:

  1. provide technical documentation (drawing or sketch);
  2. a sample of an already used one and/or;
  3. documentation of the facility where the heating element will be used.