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About us

In 1950, the “Elprom”-Varna plant was built in the city of Varna, where the production of the first electrical appliances in Bulgaria began. In the 1950s, heating stoves, washing machines, cooking stoves, accumulative stoves, hotplates were produced. In the 60s, the production of the first water heaters, blower stoves, vacuum cleaners, irons and convection ovens began. In one of the workshops of the plant – workshop 13, the production of heaters from ceramic elements for all production needs of the plant has started.

In the 1970s, workshop 160 was built, where the production of tubular heaters and cast iron heating plates also began.


In the summer of 1983, Eng. Simeon Armenakov Simeonov, a technologist, joined workshop 160. After 2 years, he was reassigned to the position of workshop manager, and 5 years later, he was promoted to director of Perla Electrotherm Varna. Thanks to him, the construction of a new workshop has begun, and the latest model machines for the production of tubular electric heaters from the Swedish company Kantal, using American technology, have also been purchased.

In June 1991, by order of the Minister of Industry, Trade and Services, the state company Elprom Varna (Perla) was closed together with its subsidiary companies (Perla Electroterm). A new company named “Electroterm” EOOD is established. The new successor company continues the activities of the old one, retaining the staff, the tooling and continuing with the production of tubular heating elements, electric plates, hotplates, party grills and grills.


In 1996, by decision of the Supreme Administrative Court, Electroterm EOOD was transformed into a joint-stock company Electroterm AD. 10 years later, in 2007, the shareholders split up and “Electroterm AD” ceased production. Engineer Simeonov, together with his son Alexander Simeonov, created his own company, which specializes in the production of tubular heaters. In 2010, a new production base was built, and after 2016, the production of professional and semi-professional stainless steel grills was resumed. Thanks to the good management, the company has preserved over the years its traditions and a leading position in the production of heaters in Bulgaria. One of the few remaining companies with such a long tenure and experience in its field.